3 More MPs endorse Erin O’Toole for Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada: Kelly, Harder and Motz



The O’Toole campaign gained even more momentum today with three more MPs endorsing the Honourable Erin O’Toole for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. With more Western Canadian MPs than all other candidates combined, the newest members of Team O’Toole speak to his appeal as leader across Canada.

This brings O’Toole’s total endorsements to 29 current MPs, with 11 strong in Alberta alone.

View the full list here: https://erinotoole.ca/endorsements/




“Erin O’Toole has the experience, character, and policies to lead Conservatives into the 2019 election and beyond. Canada needs a leader like Erin to oust Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, to clean up the cronyism and ethical scandals they cause whenever they have power, and to set the nation’s finances back on track. It’s our job to ensure that the Conservative Party of Canada becomes the government-in-waiting, so we can take government back in 2019.  After considering all the options, I am convinced that Erin O’Toole is the right leader for our Party and for Canada. Erin has great experience in the private sector, in government, and in the military.  He can relate to hardworking Canadian families who are looking for leadership. He knows how hard the Alberta economy has been hit, and will help restore investor confidence and get Alberta back to work. I am proud to stand with Erin O’Toole.” – Pat Kelly, MP for Calgary Rocky Ridge


“Erin O’Toole has the respect of caucus members and is able to unify and lead us as a team, while granting us freedom to pursue the passions and policy initiatives that matter most to our constituents. He has a unifying and captivating vision for Canada, and will not pit one group or geographical region against another. Erin will lead in a manner that will gain the respect and support of the millennial generation – which will be the largest voting block in the 2019 election. If you’ve had a chance to meet Erin O’Toole or watch him in debates, you will know that he is an extremely strong team-builder, carries a strong, positive, and unifying vision for Canada, and understands the importance of reaching out to the rising generation. Erin O’Toole has my full support and I ask you to consider joining the mission with us.” – Rachael Harder, MP for Lethbridge


“Keeping Canadian families and communities safe and secure is of great importance to me. I am proud to stand with Erin O’Toole because he is a champion of the men and women who wear a uniform to serve and protect our communities and our country. As a retired police officer, I believe in a justice system that has the confidence of the Canadian public. We need a Prime Minister who fights for our justice system and ensures first responders, border security and the military have the equipment and resources they need. His tough on crime and strong border policies are balanced by his compassion and commitment to fairness. Erin has proven experience and policies that will be game-changers in Canada moving forward. I am confident that he is the right leader for our Party and our country. He provides a balanced, reasoned approach and he demonstrates that he listens. Erin is respectful and treats everyone with dignity. He is a class act who always takes the high road. In the arena of politics, we cannot afford the integrity gaps that we have with our current Prime Minister. We need a leader with demonstrated integrity. He has a well thought out and deliverable plan to provide direction and stability to Canadians. I am proud to join Team O’Toole.” – Glen Motz, MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner




Pat Kelly, MP for Calgary Rocky Ridge, was elected in 2015. He currently serves as the deputy critic of the Treasury Board. A graduate from the University of Calgary, Mr. Kelly built a successful career as a mortgage broker, twice serving as the President of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers’ Association prior to entering politics.


Rachael Harder, MP for Lethbridge, was elected in 2015. With degrees from Briercrest College and the University of Lethbridge, Ms. Harder traveled across the country working as a Youth Sociologist and consultant specializing in the values and beliefs of millennials.


Glen Motz, MP for Medicine Hat-Cardston-Warner, was elected in 2016. He has 35 years of dedicated community service with the Medicine Hat Police Service and has volunteered in various capacities for food banks, sports groups, shelters, and charitable organizations. Mr. Motz was awarded the Governor General’s Order of Merit of Police Forces.



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