Standing Up for Veterans

There is no more sacred trust than that between the Canadian people and those brave men and women who serve our country in uniform. They put their lives on the line every day, knowing that they have made a commitment which could lead to serious injury or even the ultimate sacrifice.

What we owe to them is very simple – to recognize and fulfill our obligation — our promise to take care of them if they are injured in the service of our country, and to help them and their families transition back to civilian life when their service is completed.

As Veterans Affairs Minister I was able to implement some key improvements in the short time I had before the last election. Justin Trudeau was then elected on a promise to restore Veterans pensions and make several other major changes to enhance Veterans benefits. He has failed to do so. He campaigned on their backs, and then turned his back on our most dedicated citizens.

A Conservative Government under my leadership will:

  • Ensure financial security & transition support for injured Veterans and their families;
  • Streamline benefit adjudication & set performance targets to ensure the Department is Veteran-centric;
  • Allow Veterans and their families to direct their own care and rehabilitation; and
  • Reduce barriers to employment and transition for Veterans.

These proposals are based on my experience as a Canadian Armed Forces member, my understanding and empathy as a Veteran, my work with volunteer organizations in support of Veterans and their families, and hundreds of hours of consultation with CAF members, Veterans, Veterans’ advocates, and others who devote their time to this important cause.

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