Generation Kickstart

The Challenge

Today, young people who graduate from a college or university or finish a skilled trades program too often find themselves underemployed or stuck in unpaid internships. Many are forced to move back home and even give up the pursuit of a career they had hoped for.

The response of the Trudeau government? Get used to 10 years of “job churn”!

Unlike the Liberals, a Conservative government under my leadership will not give up on a generation of Canadians. This is not as good as it gets and platitudes and tinkering around the edges is not going to give this generation the boost it needs. If the system my parents and I benefited from is not working now, it is time to change that system. Young Canadians deserve the same opportunity that previous generations had!

Ensuring the success of this generation is important for all Canadians. A generation ago, 7 young Canadians were entering the workforce for every 1 Canadian becoming a senior citizen. Today, that number is about 4 to 1. Twenty years from now, the number will be slightly more than 2 to 1. All Canadians need this current generation to succeed. The brain drain, employment gaps and continued underemployment will not just impact those Canadians, but they will place our social programs at risk.

The Solution – Kickstarting the Careers of Young Canadians

The change begins with Generation Kickstart – a bold plan to deal with high student debt, underemployment and opportunity. Let’s liberate Canadians from the basements of the nation and free them from churn!

More summer job money is no substitute for a career.

The $100B debt Trudeau is running up will be placed upon the shoulder of a generation that is falling behind.

Magazine covers & selfies are not solving the Jobs Crisis.

Let’s make Finance Minister Morneau “Feel the Churn” by implementing Generation Kickstart!

Generation Kickstart – The Details

As Prime Minister of Canada I will kickstart the careers of young people by:

  • Giving each one of them an extra $100,000 in Basic Personal Exemption, to be used over their first 3 years out of school. This tax credit will be available to all Canadians under the age of 30 who successfully complete an accredited apprenticeship, college diploma, or university degree.
  • Giving an “Extra Kick” to young Canadians with skills in short supply by boosting their Kickstart to $200,000 to be used over their first 5 years out of school. This will encourage the next generation of engineers, coders and skilled tradespeople to build their careers in Canada and make our economy more productive by filling critical roles in our economy. This will tackle the skills shortage, reverse the brain drain, and make our economy more competitive.
  • Reassessing the list of acute skills shortages every five years to ensure that the “Extra Kick” Kickstart continues to address skills shortages and will encourage young Canadians to pursue these important occupations and skilled trades.
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