An Immigration System We Can Count On

As Conservatives, we understand the contributions that New Canadians make to building our great nation. We are proud to live in a country that welcomes people from all over the world. All of us, no matter where we were born, contribute to making Canada the best country on earth.

To ensure that Canada remains a land of growth and opportunity, we need to ensure that our immigration system admits those who want to come here to build a better life for their families, while keeping out any who threaten our security.

My plan for immigration is based on three principles:

STEADY levels: Our immigration levels shouldn’t be a surprise to be unveiled by the government each year, but should instead be planned and dependable.

SKILLS Based: With growing shortages of skilled workers threatening our future prosperity and the ability of our economy to create jobs, we need to focus on attracting those with the skills our country needs.

SECURE: The security of our people can never be taken for granted. Our immigration system must continue to ensure that those who pose a threat will be prevented from entering.

To deliver on these principles, as Prime Minister I will:

  • End abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker program. The program isn’t working today and Justin Trudeau’s changes won’t fix it. We are in a global fight for talent and should be training Canadians for high skilled jobs and attracting the best in the world to make Canada their home – not bringing in foreign workers for a year or two at a time.
    • I will restrict the Temporary Foreign Worker program to jobs that truly are temporary and cannot be done by Canadians.
      • Agriculture and tourism are examples of industries that rely on these kinds of temporary workers and will be allowed to continue to do so.
    • High tech jobs should not be filled by temporary foreign workers. My plan would ensure that high tech companies can find the skilled workers they need by:
      • Ensuring more young people train for in-demand jobs through my Generation Kickstart plan.
      • Making the immigration system more skills-based so that those offered permanent, high-skill jobs here will be given a path to becoming Canadian, not treated as a temporary worker.
  • Restructure the Provincial Nominee Program by enhancing, improving and meeting long-term regional objectives to ensure Atlantic Canada and other areas get the workers they need. Immigration will be fast tracked, results-driven and points assisted for those coming and staying in areas like Atlantic Canada.
  • Ensure that Canada continues to show compassion to those at risk around the world. Two groups that I will give priority to are:
    • The Yazidi people being persecuted by ISIS; and,
    • The brave interpreters who served alongside Canadians in Afghanistan, risking their lives to aid our fight against the Taliban, and who in too many cases have been left behind.
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