Senator Nancy Greene Raine

Erin O’Toole stepped in as a rookie MP, took charge of a Ministry under a lot of stress, and turned things around quickly. He showed a lot of strong leadership in his ability to work with people, get to the bottom of problems and make decisions.

Erin O’Toole’s experience as a minister, combined with his experience as a lawyer in the private sector and his years of military service distinguish him from the other candidates.

What I most appreciate about Erin O’Toole is his straight forward communications approach. Whether speaking to individuals, small groups or to the media, Erin tells it like it is. If he makes a mistake, he is never afraid to admit it and deal with it immediately. That will prove to be critical for building trust with Canadians ahead of the next election.

Erin O’Toole’s wide-ranging support from across Canada and his fluency in French speaks to his ability to attract the support the Conservative Party of Canada needs from coast to coast to coast.


Senator Nancy Greene Raine

British Columbia
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