Hon. Ed Fast, MP

Erin O’Toole is a respected and accomplished colleague, and so much more.

Knowing Erin as I do, I commend him to you as a man of impeccable character, courage and even temperament.

His years of experience include serving as a federal cabinet minister, as a Captain in the Royal Canadian Air Force, as a highly-respected lawyer and as a strong advocate for our veterans.

He’s also become a good friend and caucus colleague, one who is committed to ensuring that our Conservative movement remains united in our efforts to replace the wild-spending Trudeau Liberals.

Aside from his unmatched work ethic and natural team-building skills, Erin is genuine in his love for the people of our country.

As our Conservative leader, I believe Erin O’Toole will have the energy, wisdom and life experience to quickly earn the trust and respect of Canadians.

I believe he is among one of the very few who can lead us to a Conservative victory in the next election.

I am confident that, once you get to know Erin better, you will also conclude, as I have, that Erin has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with Justin Trudeau and win.


Hon. Ed Fast, MP

British Columbia
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