Glen Motz, MP

Keeping Canadian families and communities safe and secure is of great importance to me. I am proud to stand with Erin O’Toole because he is a champion of the men and women who wear a uniform to serve and protect our communities and our country. As a retired police officer, I believe in a justice system that has the confidence of the Canadian public. We need a Prime Minister who fights for our justice system and ensures first responders, border security and the military have the equipment and resources they need. His tough on crime and strong border policies are balanced by his compassion and commitment to fairness. Erin has proven experience and policies that will be game-changers in Canada moving forward. I am confident that he is the right leader for our Party and our country. He provides a balanced, reasoned approach and he demonstrates that he listens. Erin is respectful and treats everyone with dignity. He is a class act who always takes the high road. In the arena of politics, we cannot afford the integrity gaps that we have with our current Prime Minister. We need a leader with demonstrated integrity. He has a well thought out and deliverable plan to provide direction and stability to Canadians. I am proud to join Team O’Toole.

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Glen Motz, MP

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