Dave Boushy

My father was an Ordained Baptist Minister who built the first Baptist Church in the Middle East. Two brothers also became Baptist Ministers. I grew up in a home that believed in serving the community and the country in a sincere and dignified way.

That’s why I entered politics. And it’s why the O’Toole’s have too. I know Erin’s family. I served with his father as a Member of Provincial Parliament. The O’Toole family is dedicated to serving the community and the country in a faithful way.

Erin is passionate and dedicated. His strong record as a lawyer and a retired Air Force Captain has proven that he cares for our men and women. With Erin there is no ego, he brings people together. He is good communicator and down to earth. He is the leader our party needs.

Dave Boushy has been a Council Member for the City of Sarnia for 35 years and served as MPP for Sarnia from 1995-1999.


Dave Boushy

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