Erin O’Toole’s Plan for the Canadian Armed Forces

The True North, Strong and Secure

My Fellow Conservatives,

The security of Canada, its sovereignty and the safety of its citizens must be recognized as the first and most important responsibility of Government and is even more so today than it has been for over a generation. Every day, we see the war against terrorism, Russian aggressiveness and Chinese geo-political posturing in the news.

Canada must always be ready to defend our sovereignty and our national interests at home and abroad. Sovereignty is having the capacity to enforce national authority on our land, seas and air spaces. The Canadian Armed Forces (“the CAF”) in general, and the Royal Canadian Air Force (“RCAF”) in particular, are the only agencies of government that can reach every square meter of Canada to guarantee our national sovereignty. From protecting our sovereignty, to working in partnership with the United States and other allies to protect our national interests abroad, the importance of Canada’s military must be revered.

I was proud to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces. For 10 years, I served with the best people Canada has to offer. As a matter of fact, the greatest assets of the RCAF, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Navy (“RCN”) are the brave men and women who put on the uniform every day.

As a Veteran, I know we can do better for our military and their families. That’s why as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I will implement policies that are people-centric. Our armed forces must be able to recruit, train, retain, resource and support our military members and their families throughout their careers, as well as when they transition back to civilian life. We must also maintain Canada’s reputation as a country willing to play a role in the world alongside our allies and our value for freedom and security.

#JoinTheMission for a safer and more prosperous Canada and for a modern and proud Canadian Armed Forces that meets the needs of its men and women serving us at home and around the world.

Hon. Erin O’Toole, P.C., C.D., M.P.

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