An Erin O’Toole government will:

STRENGTHEN OUR RELATIONSHIPS with the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, key traditional allies, Commonwealth members and partners, by:

  • Providing citizens of these countries with the same exemption from the Electronic Travel Authorization that we do for U.S. citizens;
  • Seizing uncertainty arising from Brexit to launch free trade talks with the United Kingdom. With their exit from the European Union, they are free to sign new free trade deals. Canada should be aggressively pursuing free trade with our closest partner after the US, the United Kingdom. We risk being left behind as other countries move ahead with free trade deals; and
  • Taking a lead role in promoting a Canada-UK-Australia-New Zealand trade and security pact, which could include reciprocal freedom to live, work, and invest in these four like-minded countries with historic ties and common interests. It would also include an enhanced defence partnership and intelligence cooperation. This is the natural evolution of our relationship with our Commonwealth and Five Eyes partners.
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